Get the Most Out of Your GM Investment with Regular Oil Changes that Preserve Your Engine

You made the right decision when you chose to purchase a new General Motors vehicle. Now, give that vehicle the care and attention it deserves, with trained and certified GM service and routine maintenance checkups. Regularly scheduled service appointments can make all the difference in the longevity of your vehicle, and our technicians can help.

When it comes to essential services your car, truck, or SUV need, oil changes rank about as high as you can get. A regular oil change at manufacturer-recommended intervals is the key to making sure you, and your GM vehicle, develop a nice, long, healthy relationship.


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Selecting oil for your Vehicle

Choosing the proper grade of oil is a critical step in engine maintenance. From conventional to full synthetic the Certified Service experts at Frank's GMC offer a range of oil types, including ACDelco Conventional Oil, ACDelco dexos1TM Full Synthetic, and Mobil™ Full Synthetic. Ask our experts which grade of oil you should use for your specific vehicle model. You can also check your Owner's Manual for the correct grade.

These oils contain a variety of characteristics that can affect your vehicle's performance, offer varying levels of engine protection, and can maximize the time between oil changes.


ACDelco Conventional Oil

  • Offers quality engine wear and corrosion protection
  • Contains special additives that help your engine run smoothly


ACDelco dexos1TM Full Synthetic Oil

  • High resistance to oxidation, which helps keep the oil from breaking down
  • Excellent low-temperature flow and pumpability during cold start-ups
  • Excellent protection to help prevent formation of sludge and other harmful deposits


Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil

  • Advanced anti-wear technology for outstanding protection of critical engine parts
  • Exceptional high-temperature stability helps resist oxidative thickening
  • Proven to provide outstanding cold starting, lubrication and protection from wear at low temperatures

The Importance of Periodic Oil Changes

As you go about your day-to-day driving life in your GM, your vehicle begins to pick up a lot of dirt and grime from the road. As your oil and engine systems work together, the grit and grime from the road gets into the oil. This can affect your engine's performance if it's not taken care of regularly.

During an expert oil change appointment with our trained and certified GM staff, we'll drain that old dirty oil from your vehicle, and replace it with fresh oil.

This essential service should be done approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the type of oil your vehicle requires, and manufacturer guidelines for your model.

The best part about getting your vehicle serviced with us, though, is you don't have to worry about any of this. We'll do it all for you. Our technicians know exactly what each GM model requires for service, and we perform every maintenance appointment, including oil changes, quickly and efficiently.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change with a GM Service Center

Don't trust the care and keeping of your top-quality GM vehicle to just any service center. Trust the people who know the intricacies of the GM lineup and who are privy to GM engineering and design. Trust the certified GM service center technicians for all your vehicle's routine maintenance and occasional repair jobs.


Remaining Engine Oil Life

A quick inspection will determine your vehicle's remaining oil life percentage (applicable to vehicles with the GM Oil Life System). This may be helpful, especially if you are approaching your next oil change.

Tire Wear

Your tires are what keep you moving safely down the road. The Certified Service experts check to make sure your tires are properly aligned, balanced, and in top shape. This will help ensure the optimum performance and safety of your vehicle.

Wiper Blades and Glass Condition

Your wiper blades are essential, especially when it's raining. The operation and condition of front and rear wipers are checked to make sure they will work well when you need them. A visual inspection of your windshield is completed to check for cracks or chips and may help prevent further damage down the road.

Fluid Levels

Fluid levels are checked, including brake reservoir and windshield washer, to be sure they are at optimal levels.


To help keep your brakes performing their best, an inspection is performed on the condition of your brake system, including lines, hoses, and parking brake as well as measurements of front and rear linings.

Battery Condition and Connections

No one wants to be stuck with a dead car battery! A quick battery test will determine the health of your battery, and a visual inspection will check to be sure the battery cables and connections are in top working order

OnStar Subscription

A brief assessment will make sure you are connected with your OnStar system subscription

Additional Car Inspections

An additional vehicle inspection of critical systems is performed to check for visible leaks that might indicate a concern. The condition of other vehicle components is also visually inspected.